Thursday, February 28, 2013

     Selecting a new pet tag can be somewhat confusing.  The three main types are aluminum, brass and stainless steel.  Each of the types have their own benefits.
     Aluminum is a great choice for several reasons.  The choices of colors are certainly appealing.  Colored tags show great contrast on the engraving which makes for a nice tag visually.  They are very lightweight and they offer the largest selection of shapes.
     Brass tags are the traditional pet tag.  They are strong and wear very well.  Engraving looks better in a bold font due to the lack of contrast between the tag and engraving.  Brass will oxidize to a dull finish and last for years. The choice of shapes may be more limited than aluminum.
     Stainless steel tags are the strongest and hardest pet tags.  The finish stays similar to the day it was purchased.  Like brass, bold fonts are more visible than standard fonts.  Shapes and sizes may be limited but this tag is certainly the most durable.
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